Sports program at MIS emphasis on the development of knowledge, attitudes and skills related to range of physical and health related activities. Through school sports program students will :

          • Learn about body control and spatial awareness

          • Master new skills and techniques in a variety of physical activities

          • Manipulate sports equipment or apparatus

          • Recognize the importance of fair play

          • Understand how strategies can assist when participating in physical activities

          • Use co-operative behaviors in order to function as part of a group or team

          • Use proper safety precautions when engaging in physical activities

The school with its national and international size courts and sports infrastructure and also expert professional coaches supports different sports like swimming, basketball, football, volleyball, chess, handball, netball, karate, cricket, skating, lawn tennis, table tennis, badminton.

Also, the students get opportunities to participate in varied recreational programs that include gymnastics, aerobics, yoga, athletics and exercise.

 At MIS School, we believe that sports are an integral part of the educational process. Similar to other departments and programs, the Sports Department’s main objective is to help students learn and grow. As team and individual players are continually learning advanced technical skills, they are at the same time learning invaluable life skills.