Safety First:

On every floor fire extinguishers are installed. Our staff is trained regularly to handle any potentially dangerous situation. Fire drills are also carried out for the students with the help of fire fighting professionals. Furthermore, all our electrical switches are above the height of five feet to ensure the safety of our younger students. As we strongly believe in an inclusive philosophy our facilities are designed to meet the requirements of children with special needs.

 Multipurpose Activity Hall:

Our 500-capacity multi purpose hall is used for assemblies, exhibitions, competitions and other such activities.

 Large Green Open Spaces:

Our institution is surrounded by large green open spaces. These provide a beautific atmosphere in which to learn.

CCTV Surveillance System :

All public areas such as corridors, staircases, gates, grounds are under CCTV surveillance.

Reading Zone :

The Reading Zone develops your child’s ability to recognize the alphabet, words and sentences through sight reading as well as phonic training. The attractive displays and comfortable seating also gently invite your child to explore writing.

Audio Visual Digital Classroom Systems :

We are the first group of educational institutions to employ Audio Visual Digital Classroom Systems in all our classrooms. 


The Library has a wide variety of new and interesting books for our young readers.

Play Ground :

Your child has access to a play ground for outdoor activities within the premises.

Medical Room :

There is an infirmary with a doctor-on-call. It is used to treat minor illnesses and injuries. The school also has a tie-up with a nearby super-specialty hospital with an ambulance available on call. The medical record of each child is maintained and regular health checkups are conducted.

Science Laboratory :

 All students face the demonstration table as well as the projection screen.

Art and Craft Room :

The School has provided for such a spacious room recognising that Art and Craft is an excellent medium for children’s self-expression and exhibiting their creative talents and skills in drawing, painting (using different mediums), craft work, paper art, etc.

Sports :

The School has a well-designed playground, a multi-purpose court and an indoor sports complex, facilitating a variety of indoor and outdoor sports and games, to help children bring out their athletic best.

Computer Centres :

The School has  providing independent workstations to children. They are equipped with the latest software, audio-visual facilities and high-speed broadband connectivity. They are vital resources in developing Information and Communication Technology skills and also serve as an important source of information and knowledge.

Public Address System :

Our Public Address system is used to make announcements, signal commencement/end of important periods & emergency notifications.

Educational Cable System :

Digital educational content and live presentations are telecasted in class rooms.

Hand Sanitizers :

In a revolutionary & innovative move, Universal has begun installing hand sanitizer dispensers at strategic locations on our institute campus. Almost all the germs on hands are infectious. In order to prevent diseases from spreading, it is important to keep hands free of germs.