The objective of the ‘Dance and Music Club’ is to create an exchange of different cultures related to dance, across India.

The aim is to learn different dances, understand the music of each kind of dance, appreciate every form and learn to choreograph our own pieces, using the required skills.

” Music is the universal language that each and everyone understands ” The day starts with the chiming of beautiful verses in “Praise of the Lord”.

Apart from this the boys are given every opportunity to learn various instruments like the keyboard, guitar, drums, and violin.

For this special coaching extra fees are charged.

Boys who are interested in Indian Music are given an opportunity to present an item on the school Annual Day.

We fecilitate learning Music by providing various instrumental – training. It consists of Key- Boards

( Synthesizer) Drumset, Guitar, Congo, Bongo, Sitar, Tabla, Dholak, Pakhwaj, Flute, Jaltarang, Voilin.

We provide vocal training by a team of professionals and well experienced staff.

“The world if full of Poetry.The Air is living with its sprit, and the Waves Dance to Music of its Melodies and sparkle in its brightness.”