Admission Criteria

Age criteria for application of admission

 Children have to meet the stipulated age requirement for admission to Modern International School as on June 1st of that year. The required age limit for each grade is mentioned in the table. The stipulated age limit may be relaxed at the discretion of the School Admission Committee based on past academic achievements and performance in our testing procedures, provided the student has graduated from a recognized school.







Grade IK I

2 Years  6 Months

    Grade VI

10 Years  6 Months

Grade IK II

3 years  6 Months

    Grade VII

11 years   6 Months

Grade IK III

4 years  6 Months

    Grade VIII

12 years   6 Months

Grade I

5 years  6 Months

    Grade IX

13 years   6 Months

Grade II

6 years  6 Months



Grade III

7 years  6 Months



Grade IV

8 years  6 Months



Grade V


Admission List

The outcome of the admission will be conveyed to the parents after the interaction. The names of the selected candidates will also be displayed in the school office. The decision of the School Admission Committee will be final and binding and no further discussions will be entertained.